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How I Work with Home Buyers.

A. Getting to Know You
Working as a "Buyers Agent" is a more normal way to work with home buyers than as a "sellers agent" because I can work directly and not at "arms length." I can easily voice opinions, offer options, provide insight, suggest alternatives, and provide the buyers with the resources and information to help them make the best decision.

My first contact in most cases, is by phone or email which results in sending potential buyers many home listings over a period of time to peruse, develop a sense of the market, and make decisions about which homes to see. By law I am required at that time to inform them of my "Agency" relationship which as a "Buyers Agent" means I will work for them exclusively in all aspects of the home buying process. The exception is when our own listings are involved. which makes me a "Disclosed Dual Agent" as explained on the Agency Disclosure Form.

The first meeting - The ideal way to meet the buyers for the first time is in our office to discuss all pertinent issues, get to know each other, discuss the area and the market, get a feel for what they are looking for in a home and introduce all the Home Buying Steps . I'll also explain how I work as a "Buyers Agent" as distinguished from a "Sellers Agents" and present a selection of homes in their price range to give them an idea of what's available. If possible we'll try to see a few of them or provide a list so they can drive around and get familiar with the area. By the end of this meeting I'll have answers to the Important Questions, and will know if we'll make a good team.

What frequently happens is the first meeting often occurs at a home showing which gives little time to get familiar with each other. It can sometimes be awkward asking the important questions and discussing pertinent issues at this time. Because of this, every effort should be made initially to lay the proper foundation through thorough phone and email communications or with an office visit, to insure that a good relationship between the home buyers and agent can develop properly.

B. Showing You Around
The home showing routine - A few days prior to their visit, the buyers will select the homes they would like to see from the Cape Cod MLS Listings on my website or from those emailed to them. They'll be arranged in a logical driving sequence, a scheduled show time established for each - usually 20 to 30 minutes for showing and driving to each home - then scheduled with the listing agent for each home. We'll meet at the first home then discuss the pros and cons after seeing each home or at the conclusion of the visit to be sure we are on the right track. Feedback will also needed by each listing agent so as to inform their client, the sellers.

An Important Tip - As we proceed in your home search, many questions are asked about the area, real estate and related issues. Answering them is how we both learn and pointing out the various sources of info will give home buyers a future reference to find answers on their own. Here are samples of how I've dealt with some of these questions and potential problems in the past: Providing Solutions.

How long does it take to find the right home? Realistically, perhaps 3 to 6 months and for some buyers, much longer. Home buyers on the Cape do not have to buy right away and sometimes take years of looking to do so. For real serious buyers it's different. I have had serious buyers make offers on their first two or three trips. With proper planning, knowledge of the market and your finances, being ready to buy combined with good internet research, a home can be purchased very quickly. A lot though does depend on price range, availability in that price range, luck and being responsive - in other words, when the right house becomes available, you must jump then, and not next week. Buyers often lose out because they were not quick enough, but do learn quickly. The advantage buyers enjoy today with the internet saves everyone time and money because they can learn about the market and see potential purchases on their computer and often come here ready to buy.

Changing their mind - Buyers usually begin with certain things in mind, and it is quite normal for them to evolve their thinking as they get a feel for the market and it's reality in availability, price, age and quality. Future showing appointments usually reflect this - sometimes with a broader price range, a different neighborhood, or a style change - which open up another, and usually nicer, part of the market. Sometimes that's all it takes to find a home they'd like to buy. When that time comes, here's what happens . . .

C. The Buying Stages Preparing an Offer to Purchase Real Estate - Before making an offer the following should be known:
  • Knowledge of how home will be paid for and a mortgage Pre-Approval letter from a lender should be on hand if a mortgage is necessary,
  • An analysis of recent sales and active listings comparable to the home desired. This helps to determine if the home is priced accurately or overpriced and in making a realistic offer.
  • Knowledge of any plans by the town or any developer that could have future impact on the home and it's value, is home in a historic district or the area on the National Historic Register, or in a water overlay district.
  • Alerting the buyer to the plumes in the upper cape and any impact on this property, plus an awareness of the Lead Paint Law.
  • Buyers should be made aware of any other factors that would influence their decisions to purchase this or any other property.
. . . to be continued . . .

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