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Guide to Selecting a Good Cape Cod Realtor.


1. Finding A Good Realtor
Finding and listing your home with the right realtor is an important first step in the selling of your home. Here are some suggestions: 1. get recommendations from friends and relatives, 2. get leads from newspapers and booklets, 3. do you know any good realtors, 4. seek names from realtor web sites, 5. get recommendations from mortgage brokers and other business sources, and 6. friends or relatives who are realtors could be considered, but is not always a good idea.

2. The Interview
Meet with several realtors to discuss the sale of your home and the various issues involved. Some of these include: 1. a comparative market analysis of your home with active listings and recently sold homes. 2. Arriving at a realistic selling price.
3. Suggestions for preparing your home for the market and increasing it's saleability.
4. Outlining the steps involved from listing to closing. 5. Detailing how your home will be marketed. 6. Information on the current market and the marketability of your home - is it an easy or moderate sell or does it have serious problems to deal with?

The realtor you choose should be very professional and give you a strong sense of confidence by meeting certain criteria the make you feel comfortable working with this person. The criteria can include: being a good listener, being well organized, has solid experience, not a fast talker, provides good data to support arguments, asks lots of questions about home and neighborhood, was well prepared for this meeting, appears intelligent and curious, makes a good appearance, and provides solid information to the 6 issues in the previous paragraph.

3. Other Factors to Consider.
Are you better off with a realtor from a large or small company?
This comes down to personal preference, but here are some considerations to consider: 1. The purpose behind the Multiple Listing Service, which greatly benefits the home seller, is that "All" listings are made available to all realtors that belong to the same MLS service. Realtors in small offices frequently sell the listings of the larger offices and vica-versa. 2. Although more realtors are available in a large office, the more difficult listings may be ignored. Whereas all listings in small offices get constant attention since they have fewer listings to sell.

Are you better off with a veteran or a fairly new realtor (1-3 Years)?
There are advantages to both. New realtors are very hungry and eager as are their brokers to help them succeed. Assuming the new realtor is intelligent and asks lots of questions and seeks the brokers support to avoid mistakes, they are worth the risk. On the other hand, a successful veteran is always busy and may not devote the effort your listing deserves, but will also know how to successfully and efficiently market your property. dfk

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