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"Buying a home should be an enjoyable process and the key to success
is knowing what you are doing and being prepared to buy when the time
comes. This website is designed to help you to do this."

"Not Ready to Buy?"

That's OK. Take your time as it's a big step. Try out this website and learn all you can about the Home Buying Process and get familiar with the home and condo market in the Cape Cod MLS. When you're ready, please contact me so we can discuss what you've learned, your thoughts for the future.

For guidance, answers to your questions, or info about any home listings of interest, please feel free to contact me as often as you want and when you are ready to buy, I'll be happy to help you to do so. You can reach me at 508 566-1252 and by email at

David Kelley is a "Buyers Agent" on Cape Cod who would like to help you find the "Home of Your Dreams." When you are at the "Ready to Buy" stage of your home search and ready to discuss working with a "buyers Agent," please contact me by clicking on this link. To learn How I Work With Buyers and for good information about Buyers Agents, please click on these links.

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