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Art -Keys to a successful home sale

#1 - Preparing a realistic Opinion of Value puts your home in best competitive
market and makes selling price more attractive to buyers.
Solid documentation should support the "Opinion of Value" to minimize overpricing which can take a long time to sell, if at all.

#2 - Creating a solid marketing plan presents home in the best light to the broadest audience. Coverage includes the Multiple Listing Service, internet, advertising, signs, mailings, realtor tours, open houses, and daily communication.

#3 - Providing good advice and solid information to sellers from listing to closing. Begins at the first meeting with an analysis of the property, discussing pertinent issues, presenting steps involved, and creating a clear plan of action.

#4 - Maintaining good communications throughout between agent and seller on all issues. Keep sellers up-to-date on progress, schedule home showings with follow-up comments, notify each other of any changes, problems, etc.

#5 - Selling your home for the highest price in the shortest time period.
This is always the objective. A well-maintained and properly priced home in a good neighborhood often sells fairly quickly and close to the list price.

#6 - The listing agent works for the seller as defined by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. These feduciary duties include obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, accountability and reasonable care.

* Each home sale has it's own unique problems to solve depending on the
location, condition and age, zoning and environmental issues. The degree of success
of each sale really depends on how all these varying factors are handled. The "Keys
to a Successful Home Sale
" are the building blocks for handling all variables.

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact me as it's important to consult with a realtor when doing your early planning. I'll be happy to provide you with the following professional advantages:
  • help you to prepare your home for the market
  • establish most realistic selling price for your home
  • provide maximum exposure through the Multiple Listing Service
  • market on the internet to potential buyers around the country
  • immediately inform all clients and realtors of your listing
  • provide professional photography, advertising, and marketing skills
  • prepare to sell your home as quickly as possible at the highest price
  • use the knowledge, resources, and skills expected of a good realtor
  • give you the responsible personal service you deserve

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