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Thinking of Buying a Home in Falmouth?
This is a good place to consider. It's a quality town with eight villages from which to choose depending on your taste, needs, and finances. See Falmouth Info to learn more about the town. Get to know the area. Buy a map and study it, then drive around and see the town. When you see an interesting area park your car and stroll around, visit shops and galleries, talk to people, get to know the place.

A good tour to take begins in North Falmouth on 28A to Curley Blvd. to Quaker Road and work your way along the shore with many stops along the way. See Old Silver Beach, West Falmouth Harbor, Wood Neck Beach, Quisset Harbor, and end in Woods Hole where you can visit the Aquarium. Then work your way east past Nobska Light, go along Surf Drive and work your way along the shore past Falmouth Heights Beach, to Menauhant Beach to Central Avenue in East Falmouth with side trips along the way. This trip will give you a clear picture of the Falmouth coast on which you can build your knowledge of the town.

Do you like what you see? If so, move forward and start looking at homes. The home market here, like elsewhere, varies from a buyers market, with many choices available, to a sellers market, when prices are high and the choices limited. Good hunting. dfk.

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